Bringing Out the Best in Leaders


I lead inspiring, insightful and powerful conversations that open up new possibilities in your life and in your leadership.

I work one-to-one with leaders who impact the life and work of others – the leaders of today who are building the businesses of tomorrow. 

I engage individuals and teams in conversations that transform your life and how you work together.

I am particularly inspired to build success by unlocking the heart and soul of your life’s work.

My style of coaching is pure, playful, provocative and powerful.  It takes you to new edges and unexplored horizons. 

It’s for you, if you are ready to play bigger and prepared to do what it takes to move beyond any current blockages or limitations holding you back from the life and work you aspire to. It can be yours.

You will be inspired to Dream Big, Live Fully and Lead Boldly, if you choose to work with me.

I work with a select number of individuals and teams each year, by invitation and referral, in order that I can live the life I choose with a balance of work, writing and play in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, where I live.

Call me, email, or connect with me on social media. I don’t mind which channel you use. I do mind that you might hesitate to take your next step. That your brilliant best might not get a chance to show up in the world.

I trust I’ll talk with you very soon,

In anticipation of our brilliant conversation.